flatlay of sketchbook, small notepad, external hardrive, Macbook, Canon camera lens, drafting pencil, ballpoint pen, eraser, and sticky notes
The Human
I'm a massive history buff and a literature fiend, as well as a recovering musical theatre addict. I like museums and have a weird obsession with gadgets and everyday objects from the past.

When I’m not tearing through novels or hunched over my computer editing and designing, I play the piano and do fiber art with my cat Stripes. Sometimes I hide out in the garage and pretend I'm good at woodworking. I also love to hike (preferably in the shade, please) and occasionally try my hand at confectionery.
The Designer
I like lovely things. And when I can, I make them– you’ll find plenty of photography and artwork on this site that was done purely for the aesthetics of the thing.

But in the end, I prefer to make functional things. By nature a tinkerer, ideator, and storyteller, I've learned to use my tendencies to obsess over details and get caught up in ideas to help inform user experiences that delight and engage while solving problems users didn't even realize they had.